Tracy's Fitness Resume

Education & Certifications

Updated July 2021

Owner of Tracy’s Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga Studio

2021 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year

Finalist for the 2020 IDEA World Personal Trainer of the Year 

Executive Director for Long Beach Stroke Support Association. - Current

Contributor and Monthly writer for the Live Love and Eat Magazine. Current

Leader of the Florence Oregon Stroke Support Group - Ended when I moved back to California

Serves on the Fitness Education Advisory Board – Medfit Education Foundation 

Voted 2020 Best of Florence – Personal Trainer of the Year in our community.

Voted 2020 Best of Florence 2nd Place – Support Group – Stroke Recovery Support Group in our community.

Listed with National- Fitness Hall of Fame Distinguished Scholar of Fitness

Awarded - 2019 Medfit Professional of the Year 1st Runner Up. – In Recognition of Outstanding Achievements, Highest Standards, and contributions in the Medical Fitness Field. Announced and Received in February 2020.

Radio Host at KXCR 90.7 FM  The Health and Fitness with Tracy 10 Minute Show – Airing Mondays at 1:50pm and used as a 10-minute spot filler randomly throughout the week. On the Oregon Coast.

Author of 9 books.

The Stroke of an Artist, The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor  Published Oct. 2017

Tipping Toward Balance, A Fitness Trainer's Guide to Stability and Balance   Published March 2018

Stroke Recovery, What Now? When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues  Published December 2018

The Power of Your Spine, How Back Strength and Posture Pilots the Entire Body  Published September 2019

Dear Stroke, You Suck, The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor  Published March 2020

Stroke Recovery, Regaining Arm Movement   Published April 2020

Stroke Recovery, Leg Stability and Walking Gait  Published August 2020

Your Brain, A Fitness Trainer’s Guide to Brain Health  Published October 2020

Your Brain, Kid’s Edition  Published November 2020 – I Won a Literary Award for this book.


Author of CEC Course

“Stroke Recovery Training” CEC Course at The Functional Training Institute

“Stroke Recovery and Exercise” CEC Course at &

Leader and Creator of “Florence Oregon Stroke Recovery Support Group” I created and run the group that meets in person once a month.


Leader and Creator of “Stroke Survivor and Recovery Support, Learn Body Mechanics and Gain Hope” Facebook private stroke recovery and care giver support group. As of 2021 it has over 4000 members.


Speaker at Stroke Recovery Support Groups and Senior Centers/Groups for Fall Prevention & Stability/Walking

On Staff at FiTOUR® - Pro-Master Trainer - Leads Live Workshops for Certifications


Earned the position of Workshop Examiner for Group X with AFAA - Athletes and Fitness Association of America

This position was faded out as online fitness certifications became the thing to do.


Voted 2015, 2016 and 2017 Best of Florence - For Best Yoga in our community, Florence, Oregon.

2015 Master Trainer Spotlight - FiTOUR®

September 1995 to Present. Tracy's Personal Training, Pilates & Yoga Studio - Long Beach, California


I was "Tracy's Personal Training & Boot Camps” in Huntington Beach, CA for 17 years.

Orange County City Voter - voted "Top 5" Personal Trainer and Boot Camps in Orange County three years in a row.

Moved business to Florence Oregon in 2013.

I usually train 6 to 8 private personal training sessions a day, 5 days a week. I teach 8 classes as week I teach Yoga, Pilates, Core Fitness, Stretch Classes. I train clients in both private sessions and group/class sessions with a variety of methods and equipment from all my training/certifications to meet each client needs. This last year with Covid, Private clients moved to zoom training and I teach 4 group classes via zoom. I also picked up more clients on zoom form other states and one in Canada. I also published 5 new books since March 2020 when Covid closed fitness down.


I was on the Florence Festival of Books Planning Committee.  This is the second largest author book festival in Oregon.

I was on the Author Panel in 2019 and I have participated as an author in the event since becoming an author. I was honored when they asked me to be on the panel of speakers. I was also honored to be asked, as I was an author participant at the 2019 event, if I would like to be on the Festival’s planning committee. I am now on the committee, but due to Covid we did not have a book festival in 2020. It has a not been decided yet if this festival will be happening in September 2021.


Florence Festival of Books Planning Committee at the Florence Festival of Books in 2019 It is one of the largest book festivals in Oregon. I have not sold millions, nor even close, but the other three authors on the panel have all sold over a million books. Our panel was on marketing books. I was honored and thrilled to do it. I was asked to be on the board of the book festival and be one of the creators and help put together each year’s book festival. Setting up the authors who will be there as well as the author panels and keynote speaker.


A substantial portion of my training is with clients in stroke recovery, balance, and stability training with seniors as well as other neurological challenges. Fall Prevention. All age training and sport training, it has become my specialty adding to specializing in core strength conditioning and Pilates.


Since my first book published in 2017, I have been interviewed live on radio stations, podcasts, newspapers, blogs, and magazines for my work with stroke survivors. These interviews have been in person in my near area, via skype, phone and Facebook, from Australia, Israel, Florida, Texas and more. It has been quite fantastic that my books are helping people literally, all over the world. They have been read in Canada, UK, Germany, China, India, Japan, Australia, and others. The goals for my books are to help stroke survivors, seniors and other with walking/neuro type conditions. I have been contacted by phone, emails, Instagram, Facebook support groups, and messenger by hundreds of survivors and caregivers desperately seeking help. It breaks my heart. My goal was and is to reach survivors, caregivers, and anyone in the fitness industry willing to reach out and learn more to help survivors reach a stronger recovery.


I have also made YouTube videos just for stroke survivors and their caregivers on my YouTube channel. I have almost 8000 subscribers. I get nice messages and letters thanking me for helping them. They also have welcomed me into the other many private Facebook stroke recovery groups.


I have been the host of my own radio show since December 2019. My show is called: The Health and Fitness Show with Tracy. It is a 10-minute radio show on KXCR 90.7 FM on the Oregon Coast. The show is syndicated. All my radio shows can also be heard anytime at my Podcast Channel at It airs on Monday afternoons but is also used as a filler in other time slots each week.


I have over 15,000 followers on Instagram. I have many stroke survivors who follow me on all my social media platforms. I love connecting to fitness professionals on Instagram. @motivate_healthyfit


My Websites: Author website:

Amazon Author – Book Page:


This year’s incredibly special highlight in my fitness career was being one of the three Finalist for the 2020 IDEA World Personal Trainer of the Year Award.


I was also the trainer in the Journey to Success Story in the Summer 2020 Edition of PFP Personal Fitness Professional Magazine. Article Title: “A Wealth of Knowledge Tracy Markley. Living the principle to always learn more.”


I was the Spotlight in the August 2020 Issue of Live Love and Eat Magazine A 5-page article.


The following blog link is an experience in my career that still sticks close to my heart.

The journey of an 81-year-old couple from New Jersey who traveled 3000 miles away to Florence Oregon, where I live, to stay for thirty days so the husband who had a stroke could train with me everyday for a month. We still stay in touch and are lifetime friends.

My strong passion will continue to bring help and education to those I can. I strongly feel when fitness professionals limit their knowledge and education, they can limit the world of a client, especially in the case of a stroke survivor. This can mean they walk down the street without a cane, or even walk at all again. It can mean they can drive a car or not and go back to work or not, along with many other everyday life needs.


I have worked full time in the fitness industry for over two decades.

Education & Certifications:

College Certified by O.C.C., Orange Coast College, Health & Physical Education Division:

College Certified Health Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

College Certified Fitness Specialist

Certificate in Fitness & Nutrition

Biomechanics Specialist - John Spencer Ellis/NESTA

Certificate-Postural Analysis Specialist Professional Training Program

Certificate-Total Body Flexibility Professional Training Program

C.H.E.K Institute teaches Corrective High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology

C.H.E.K. - Certificate-Functional Anatomy of the Core

C.H.E.K Scientific Core Conditioning

C.H.E.K - Certificate-Dynamic Medicine Ball Training

C.H.E.K Functional Anatomy of the Back

BOSU® Master Trainer Specialty Certification

BOSU® Complete Workout System Certification

NESTA Battling Rope Coach

ACE Pain Free Movement Specialist

AFAA Primary Group  Certification

AFAA Group X Instructor - AFAA Group X Examiner

Stroke Recovery and Exercise

Certificate Exercise and Arthritis

Certificate Exercise and Osteoporosis

Certificate Exercise and Diabetes

Certified Pilates Instructor

FiTOUR® Myofascial Release  

FiTOUR® Barre Fitness  

FiTOUR® Suspension Training

FiTOUR® Aqua Fitness Instructor

FiTOUR® Pilates Instructor

Hatha Yoga Certified

NESTA Sport Yoga Certified

Certified Mind & Body Fitness Instructor

Cloud Nine Yoga - Certified Reiki Master Level I, II & III - Master/Teacher

Certified Prana Healing Practitioner - Level I   and others (see website)

Toastmasters Award for speaking


CPR - AED & First Aid Certified w/American Heart Association


Member of:

AFAA (Athletes and Fitness Association of America

NESTA (National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association)

IDEA Health and Fitness Association

AFS Association of Fitness Studios

National Fitness Hall of Fame

The Authors Guild

HLAA – Hearing Loss Association

Former member of Toastmasters


Before I began working full time in Fitness I worked at:


Columbia Pediatrics Medical Group June 1989-Decebmber 1999. (10 years) Secretary to seven Pediatricians I Long Beach California. Full time job and did fitness on the side.


Taught Step and Low Impact Aerobics at the YMCA in Huntington Beach California

Taught Sculpting classes with Ultra Toners and Step Classes at MS Fitness in Fountain Valley

Personal Trained at The Athletic Club for Women in Newport Beach California While in College. My professor at Orange Coast College, Leon Skie, Owned the Gym.


Cosmetologist – 1984-1988 Worked full time at Daniel Charles Hair Design in Long Beach California.

And Modeled part time on the side.

1988 I was on the cover of the Penny Saver for a Gym Ad for the Torrance Athletic Club in Torrance California