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Tracy L. Markley  is a Certified Personal Trainer
She is the author of the books"The Stroke of An Artist"
& "Tipping Toward Balance" & "Your Brain"
Stroke recovery and exercise.
Fall Prevention, balance and stability.
Brain care and health.
Tracy L. Markley, Author of the Book
"The Stroke of an Artist, The
Journey of a Personal Fitness
Trainer and a Stroke Survivor"
Gaining Hope and inspiration after
a having a stroke.  Stroke Recovery
Books, Stroke Survivor Books,
Stroke Awareness Books
©Tracy Markley
"Stroke Recovery; What Now?"
When Physical Therapy Ends, But Recovery Continues"
Available Now!
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Tracy L. Markley

In “Stroke Recovery; What Now?” Tracy brings as much knowledge and experience as she
can, hoping to help survivors continue with their personal stroke recovery. She teaches
about the biomechanics of the body’s movements based on science. Tracy has helped several
survivors achieve continued success in recovery.  In “Stroke Recovery; What Now?” Tracy’s
desire is to bring understanding to why specific muscles must be strengthened before
other movements in the body can improve. Included in this book, are several important
exercises for survivors and anyone who wants to become more stable when they stand and
walk.  There are also descriptions of why each exercise works. Tracy shares tips to improve
a drop foot, spasticity, muscle strength, balance, communication, spatial awareness,
cognitive skills, brain care and more.
Tracy communicated with more than one hundred survivors about the struggles and
challenges they faced when they were left on their own to continue their recovery. She was
surprised by many of the tough challenges some faced, and she was determined to include
all concerns in this book. There is no time frame on stroke recovery. Learning ways to help
your brain build new pathways and helping your body move correctly more will assist you
toward further recovery.   
Click on the picture of the map or the link below to read the
story of a couple, in their 80s, who traveled 3000 miles to live
in Florence Oregon for 30 days to train the 82-year-old
husband in his stroke recovery almost every day for a month.
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